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All successful businesses eventually face the issue of handling business expansion. The expansion causes a variety of changes, all of which present different managerial, legal, and financial challenges.

So Opes Callan will share these difficulties with our clients and will support all processes until they reach their target.

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Focused on long-term sustainable growth
Financial stability and strength


We provide services based on client’s preferences and demands. We are committed to delivering the best solution to our clients.

Asset Expansion to Thailand

According to the client’s requirements and economic climate, we offer the best investment opportunities and strategies. We are the expert in developing the property investment plan from start to management. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients to reach successful expansion to the Thailand market.

Business Expansion to Thailand

Starting or expanding a business in a new environment can be a daunting challenge. We specialize in representing and advising companies to navigate these complexities and ensure a smooth business set-up process. With our expertise, we assist our clients in seamlessly settling into new markets and developing effective strategies for successful business ventures.

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