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A leading glass wool insulation product manufacturer 

The company is a leading Thailand-based producer of thermal and acoustic insulation products with a primary focus on the Thai market

The company is the leading supplier for OEM of automotive insulation parts in Thailand, commanding a majority market share

Major construction firms use the Company's products in large-scale private and public projects in Thailand, as well as in cross-border projects in the Southeast Asia region

The company's manufacturing facilities stand on freehold land with ample space available for future expansion needs.

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ASEAN's Pioneer in Glass Wool Insulation Since 1979

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Top Multi-purpose Skincare Company

Online D2C Consumer cosmeceutical skincare company competing with Eucerin for the No.1 spot in Serum Market

Established in 2011, the company became the leading facial serum brand in Thailand, with over 1 million bottles sold annually

One of the best-selling SKU in Thailand, with over 1 million bottles sold, generating over THB 1.3 billion in retail value from a single product

The strong sales growth rate of over 40% CAGR

Hight growth in sales from its unique go-to-market strategy and Thailand's A-list celebrity endorsement

Strong customer royalty with recurring purchases accounting for 73% of total sales

Open Cases

According to the client’s requirements and business climate, we offer the best investment opportunities and strategies to investors. We are the expert in developing the investment from starting to the closing deal. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients reach investment success in the Thailand market.


Investment Size: Below 10 million USD

First High-End postnatal care center in Thailand CBD area. Investment with listed Company Thailand.

Postpartum recovery is a journey of healthcare. Postnatal care is vital in getting the stretched muscles and joints to their original state and supplementing nutrition.


Good postnatal care will allow the new mother to avoid any health complications that can follow giving birth such as postpartum depression, low blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity, mastitis, and hip problems. 

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Private Equity Fund

Investment Size: Above 10 million USD

Invest with TOP Fund management Team in Thailand.  Managing approximately 46 billion USD as of June 2021. 

Invest in small to mid-market companies in Thailand, or regional companies with a nexus to Thailand, in the following sectors: Consumer Retail, Food Industries, Advanced Manufacturing, Education, IT, Healthcare & Medical Services.

Term : 7 Years

Fund Size : USD $150 M

Investment Period : 4 Year


Investment Size: Above 30 million USD

The hospitality section listed the company's holding property in Thailand.

A holding structure can be set up for foreign investors. Hotel management shall be managed with a strong brand in Thailand. 

Management and guarantee yield can be negotiable based on the investment size. 

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Investment Size: Above 1.5 million USD

Investment chances for private investors. High-End residential area condominium block sales in  Bangkok. High discount rate deal from a listed company and various investment options.

[Location Overivew]

• 450 meters from Thong Lor BTS station
• A mere 10-minute BTS journey to Siam Paragon

[Nearby Amenities]

• Leading hospitals such as Samitivej Hospital
• Prominent schools such as Bangkok Prep

   International School, The American School of Bangkok
• Benjasiri Park

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