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Our Story

Your Trusted Advisor for Property Investment and Market Penetration in Thailand

Welcome to Opes Callan, the leading advisory firm specializing in property investment and market penetration for high-net-worth individuals and companies seeking opportunities in Thailand. We understand the unique challenges and limitations of Thailand's market for foreign investors, and we pride ourselves on delivering successful investment cases and facilitating asset portfolio growth.

As an exclusive advisor, we offer personalized guidance and expertise to individuals and companies looking to invest in Thailand's property market. With our deep knowledge of local regulations, market trends, and investment strategies, we provide invaluable insights to help our clients navigate the complexities and make informed investment decisions. Our track record of successful investment outcomes showcases our ability to deliver results and optimize asset portfolios.

Furthermore, Opes Callan is your trusted partner for market penetration in Thailand. We recognize that the beginning stages of business settlement can be time-consuming and costly. That's why we offer comprehensive representation and advisory services to expedite and streamline the market entry process. By leveraging our extensive networks and solid connections with high-quality companies across various industries in Thailand, we position our clients for rapid and sustainable growth. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and acting as partners in expansion and success.

At Opes Callan, we prioritize our clients' objectives and work diligently to provide tailored solutions that align with their unique needs. Our team of experts combines local knowledge with global best practices, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout their investment journey in Thailand.

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