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Our Story

At Opes Callan, we provide investors the full-function service on medium to long-term investments and advisory services in the high growth potential market, Thailand. Strong networks and solid connections with high-quality companies in various industries in Thailand are our prominent points. Our services start from setting up the investment plan at the very early stage to executing, operating, and monitoring the business to ensure sustainable growth.


Investing in the new market could be very challenging. Investors might experience a lot of difficulties in penetrating an unfamiliar business environment. At Opes Callan, we develop unique opportunities to get rid of those obstacles. With our experiences, in-depth information, exceptional perspectives, worry-free business operations, and continuous growth are guaranteed.


Opes Callan has managed successful investment portfolios for various investors around the Asia with high experience and comprehensive knowledge.

Our investors are high-net-worth individuals and financial investors who want to allocate asset portfolios to Thailand. Many Thai investors also participate in the investment for sustainable income and business synergy based on deals.

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