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2020 Hotel Transactions

Updated: Apr 15, 2022



The projects that the investors interested in buying include

1. Return must be more than 6% per year

2. Building age should not exceed 15 years or less than 10 years

3. The number of rooms should be more than 150 rooms as it will be worth the investment.

average occupancy rate of hotels of all grades in Bangkok at the end of 2019 was at 82.12%, a slight increase from the previous year from the total occupancy of approximately 32.54 million people. The hotel business was one of the industries that generate a lot of income for Thailand, which accounts for over 28% of the total cost of tourists but although the nationwide occupancy rate in Q1 2020 has been decreased to 51.50%. In March 2020, the rate of average occupancy rate throughout the country has failed to only 20.82% due to the shutdown of a large number of hotel businesses

During 2019, it was found that there were only 4 hotels in Thailand worth THB 5,000 million.

During 2017 and 2018, the value of the hotels in Thailand was higher up to more than THB 20,000 million a year due to a period of rapid growth in the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand.

During 2019, it was found that there were only 4 hotels in Thailand worth THB 5,000 million as the hotels with the qualifications for investment had a much lower offering and most buyers and sellers already signed the purchase contract but unable to transfer ownership in time and having to postpone the transfer since some hotels were trading with high hammer value.

RESEARCH_MAY 2020 Hotel Transactions in the past 10 years EN1 (003)
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